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Posting your business contact information on your webpage such as phone number and/or address is ok (it’s part of why you have a webpage in the first place), however, posting an email address is strongly NOT recommended.

To prevent email harvesting by spam bots, posting plain text email addresses or unprotected ‘mailto’ links should not be done. On this website to protect your email address from spammers, any detected unprotected email addresses are replaced by “#”.

If you want a contact link/button on your webpage on this site it’s recommended to use /messages/?fepaction=newmessage&fep_to=username which allows contact through our website messaging system. You will be alerted through your email if there are any messages received (unless you turned off that feature in your message settings).

If you really want a clickable email address on your page, the site administrator can create a personalized shortcode that will hide your email address from bots in JavaScript. There is a one-time $10 fee for each email address converted to a shortcode, or a $15 one-time fee for each email address if you also want the Javascript to place on other websites. Please contact the site administrator to request this service.

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