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At this time there are two types of user accounts:

  • Shopper
    • Allows the user to interact with the businesses and other features of the website.
  • Business
    • Allows posting on the website and have own webpage on the site.

There are no one-time fees or subscriptions to register on this site, nor do we sell your contact information to third parties. Registering on this site is straightforward and risk-free.

For the security of your user account and this site, please choose a password that is at least twelve characters long and includes upper and lower case letters, numbers, and a symbol (ex: !@#$%^&). To help you generate a good password use acronyms, nUmb3r5 in place of letters, and never use real words.

An activation link will be sent to the email address you used when registering your user account, you must use that link to activate and access your user account. Please check your ‘junk’ or ‘other’ folder if you do not find it in your inbox. If you do find it in your ‘junk’ or ‘other’ folder, please mark/report it as NOT JUNK and add it to your safe sender’s/white list.

Please read our Terms & ConditionsDisclaimer, and Privacy Policy before registering on this website.

The main points of the above documents:

  • Terms & Conditions
    • This site uses cookies (mainly for functionality and convenience of the user).
    • Users can post content, they are responsible for said content, and we can use/publish said content without restriction or payment.
    • We have the right to control (delete/modify) the content and services of our website at our own discretion.
    • We are not responsible for links to any third-party websites or anything that happens outside of our website.
  • Disclaimer
    • We are not responsible for what you do on or with our website and its content.
    • We are not lawyers or financial advisors or experts in any other field and any recommendation/advice you take from our site is at your own risk.
    • No warranties and/or guarantees of the usability or accessibility of the website or its services or its content.
  • Privacy Policy
    • Our site does collect some information, login (username and email address), IP address, and the content you add.
    • Private information is private (if any, we make a reasonable effort to keep it that way) and that non-private information can be publicly available.
    • What we do with what information and who can access it.