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Thunder Bay Shoppers

This site is all about discovering those unique businesses that make the Thunder Bay area special. Browse or search the site for products or services available in Thunder Bay, posted events where there are vendors to buy from (sidewalk sales, trade shows, pop-up markets), and news such as new products or services coming to one of Thunder Bay’s businesses.

Thunder Bay Businesses

The goal of the website is to have a wide variety of local businesses available to any shoppers that visit the site. Just like a downtown market or a mall, shoppers can find everything they need in one place.

This is not another ‘directory’ site, unlike a directory where you can only enter the business name, contact info, link, and maybe an image in a ridged format. This site is more like a perpetual trade show/market and your page is a booth at that trade show/market. The business is free to design its space any way they want. Noticed I avoided calling it a listing, that is because it is not a listing, yes you could just post the business info like a mere listing, however, that would be a waste. You can add a promotion, feature a new product or service, embed a youtube video, and/or just about anything you can do with a webpage can be done here.

The Website

Don’t be fooled by the site’s simple plain looking design, this site packs a punch for helping the shopper find that special place with that item/service they are looking for (we prefer function over fanciness).

    • Search
      • Are you a shopper on a mission? Get to what you are looking for quickly by using the search tool.
      • If you are a business member, make sure your page or event includes the keywords your shoppers are looking for.
    • Bulletins
      • Shoppers: Had a good experience at one of the Thunder Bay local businesses, or know where to find that special item everyone is looking for? Do tell us using our bulletin.
      • Businesses: Post what’s new or happening at your business (your new menu, product, or service), however, please avoid marketing jargon or making it look like an ad. Also, you can include your logo or related image (up to 788px wide). If you do have a promotion, use your free business member page.
    • Discovery Map
      • Hard time describing where that place is, point it out on our map.
    • Events (calendar)
      • Events hosted by local businesses and/or venues.
      • Street festival? For any events with vendors, post them on our events calendar.
    • Link (directory)
      • Don’t have a shop downtown? Send us your website link.
      • What!? – You don’t have a website to link to? That’s OK, we have you covered with the next item.
    • Member Pages
      • Businesses that sign up, get one webpage on our site. Design it any way you want and make it all about your shop, product, or service.
      • Here is a good place to place your promotion, link to your site, and/or contact/location information.
      • Don’t have the time to create a page? Contact us, we can help get you started.
      • NEW! ( is a new short web address that redirects to this site and your page)
    • Messages
      • Shoppers can contact businesses and the businesses can respond to the shoppers via the website without exposing anyone’s email address. Only business members are displayed in the contact directory. Both shoppers and businesses get notifications via email when there is a message waiting (can be turned off in message settings if don’t want it).
    • Buttons
      • No, not the web page kind you click. Actual buttons you can wear! Visit our buttons page for more information.
      • Business Members: After you have published a member page on our site, contact us and request a free badge with your logo and a QR code that leads to your published page. When you contact us; please upload your logo image (print quality) and include your business address and hours so that we can visit and drop off your badge.
    • Register
      • Do you have a business that is unique to the Thunder Bay area? Then join our site, we are looking for you!
      • Take advantage of all the site services offered.

Running your own business is hard, and getting the word out is even harder, this website is here to help. If you have a business that is unique to the Thunder Bay area, please sign up and give our site a try.

Note: It is important that you choose your username wisely when registering on this site as a business member. You want it to represent your business online; keep it simple, short, and intuitive to your customers. It will become part of your web address (URL) to your webpage on this site.

Don’t forget to view theΒ legal stuff. Any questions, comments, or concerns – please use our contact form.

Message from the site author,

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A huge thanks in advance!