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Business members have available to them a single webpage they can design themselves or have designed for them.

Here are example URLs (web addresses) that are generated when ‘businessusername’ publishes its page:

NEW – – redirects to

Note: Usernames cannot be changed once registered, which is why it is important to choose a good username if registering as a business member. As you can see from the example above, your user name becomes the web address of your web page on this site.

Also, business members’ pages are not available to the public until they are published by the business member. If you are a business member and don’t want a webpage on our site (why would you not?), simply leave it in draft mode. If not publishing a webpage, then you should at least add your shop to our Discovery Map (does have a public location) or the Links Directory (does not have a public location).

However, if you do want a webpage on our site, it is recommended to check out Building Your Webpage and Advanced Design pages. If you want us to build your page for you, visit our Paid Services page or Contact the administrator of what you want to be done accompanied by the content and you will get a quote.

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