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This site has a new feature called Chat Support and it’s pretty cool. You can actually chat with the site admin live via text or voice when he is online (the best time for live sessions is in the evenings).

While in a session with the site admin, he can screen share with you or you with him to guide you while on the site.

Here is how:

  • Look for the icon at the bottom right of our website page.
  • When you select it you will see our request chat form (which may pop up in a new window).

    • A name and email address are required.
    • Leaving a phone number is optional (if you want to be reached via phone).
    • Of course, your question or message is required.
    • Checking the ‘I am not a robot’ box activates the text chat, voice chat, and email message options.
  • Text Chat, Voice Chat, and Email Message

    • If you select the text chat or the voice chat option, it will attempt to contact the site admin.

      Note: The admin is the only ‘staff’, ask all staff effectively does nothing. Hopefully, someday we will have others that can help our members.
    • If you select the message option, it will email your question/message to the admin.

      Note: If you have a more detailed question or message or want to attach a file, use our contact us form.
  • If the admin is not available (not online or currently in another session);

    • You can send your question/message to the admin or
    • Add an alert when the admin becomes available.
  • If you do connect with the admin;

    • You will see a regular chat-style window (pop-up) with some options in its header;
      • Voice – chat using your device/system audio (headphones and a microphone or headset required)
      • Screen Share – share your screen, window, or tab (window is recommended).
      • Hangup – ends the chat session.
      • Session time – voice and screen sharing are limited to 40 minutes.
  • When screen sharing:

    • For your security;
      • Please do not share sensitive information in the text or voice chat (ex: banking info or passwords) as the chat sessions are hosted by a third-party system.
      • Before you share – close any windows/tabs that would have personal content you would not want others to see (ex: banking info, passwords, images).
      • When sharing; choose the Window option as this limits the view to one window (preferably your web browser) yet allows viewing other tabs when you select them (if needed).
        • Sharing is VIEW ONLY (a video feed of what you are sharing), with no other access to your device/system.

Please check out our other help pages for more information on all of this website’s services/features.

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