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Basic Design

Creating your webpage on this site is not as hard as you may think it is. Yes, you might have heard some jargon like HTML, CSS, and Shortcodes, however, you don’t need to know any of that to start creating your page on this site. If you have ever created an email message with some text formatting and/or images included, then you already have most of the skills to do this on your own.

Welcome to the Page/Post editor:

In the My Content page and below your page title, you should see a pencil icon, selecting it will open the page/post editor

Image of Page/Post editor

Of course, the colorful “Welcome” message won’t be there, however, the following text will be:

Welcome User Name, please design your web page here, then publish it when ready.

Feel free to play with this text and/or create your own by trying out the various tools.

Parts of the editor

  • Button(s) – Popup utilities.
    • Add Media – This allows you to add images to your webpage.
  • Tabs – The different ‘modes’ of the editor.
    • Visual – What you see is what you get editing (much like your email editing or word processor window).
    • Text (HTML) – This will expose the formatting commands (Hyper Text Markup Language) that make your page look the way it does. You would use this to tweak the values in the HTML of your webpage or insert shortcodes (add more features to your page). Don’t worry, editing HTML or shortcodes is not required for a basic webpage design.
  • Menu Bar – for the people that prefer accessing their tools via dropdown menus.
    • File β–Ύ, Edit β–Ύ, View β–Ύ, Insert β–Ύ, Format β–Ύ, Tools β–Ύ, Table β–Ύ.
  • Tool Bar – Tools laid out visually for quick and easy access.
    • [ Paragraph β–Ύ] – Type of text; Paragraph, Heading, or Preformatted.
    • [ Georgiaβ–Ύ] – The font your text is using (Georgia is the default font).
    • [ 12ptΒ β–Ύ] – The font size your text is using (12pt is the default size).
    • B – Bold
    • I – Italic
    • ❝ – Blockquote
    • and Many more (hovering your pointer over them in the editor should display what they are).
  • Edit Window (the page content).

Page Layout

The recommended design/layout for your page:

  • Page title – Usually your business name, format the text as Heading 1 or Heading 2.
    • Instead of heading text, you could insert your logo image (place your business name in the image ‘alt’ text).
  • Insert an image – Your storefront, products you sell, demonstrating a service you provide, or yourself if you are the face of your business.
  • Add a link – include a web address to your social media page or another website you have.
  • If you have a storefront – include its address.
  • If you have a business phone – add it in the following format +1.807.000.0000
  • Do NOT include an email address – you do not want spam bots harvesting it.

Once you are comfortable with using the editor, then it is recommended to visit the Building Your Webpage help page for a step-by-step guide to publishing your page.

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