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Text Over Images – Yes You Can!

Here is a sample page that shows you are not limited to just a plain color background, you can have text over images too.

Also, images over images (this white box is a 50% opaque (semi-transparent) image too), it all depends on how creative you can get with some basic inline CSS and HTML.

I used HTML tables to create this experimental page, however, tables are too rigid for viewing on mobile devices. Avoid them if you can.

Use our Advance Design tools [shortcodes] to get it done better and is easier to do!

BTW: This is what part of downtown Thunder Bay looks like if you are not from these parts.

Well, it is back to work for me, so if you are a shopper, please come back and visit our site to see what new pages the businesses come up with. If you operate a local business in the Thunder Bay area, please sign up on our site and create a page on our site for your business.