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On The Spot
Badges & Buttons

(check out our sample buttons)
(check out our sample badges)

Contact us with your design/layout idea.

We create a layout and send you a proof.

Once approved and paid, then printed.

Prints are pressed into the desired button/badge and delivered or ready for pick up.

Be the star of the show

Badge Deconstruct

Do you attend trade shows or vendor events?
Wear your business card as a name tag.

1 Badge/Button $6.00
2 Badges/Buttons $11.00
3 Badges/Buttons $16.50
4 Badges/Buttons $20.00
(or more @ $5.00 each)

Published a page on Get a FREE badge!
Please include your print-quality logo.
Also, include your business address and hours for free delivery.

Welcome to the digital age

QR Code Buttons

We can embed your website or contact information into your button/badge design.
Now your clients can get information instantly with their mobile devices!

Your logo/QR code using the layout/design shown above is at no extra cost.
Round buttons include your logo with custom text on top and the website URL on the bottom text
or QR code with custom text on top and bottom (bottom text no longer upside down).
Rectangle badges include both a QR code and your logo image (no text).
Small buttons/keychains include an image only.

Or send us your own at our new website.

Contact Us!

♫ Do you know the button man, the button man, the button man? ♫
♫ Do you know the button man, who lives in Thunder Bay? ♫


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