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If you are a shopper, you might not mind browsing the many business member pages, however, you probably have something in mind when you got here. And we have just the tool for you!

Actually, it is right on the home page and a few others, just enter a search term (keyword) in the box and it will index any content that contains that word.

Tip: Avoid very short words for example ‘art’ as it will pull up any content that contains those letters (ex: mart, dart, cart), and instead use ‘artwork’ to narrow down the results.

If you are a business member, please include keywords (words your customers would use to find you) on your business member page so that you can be found using the search.

Note: If your page only contains images (not recommended), you can hide search terms (keywords) in your page. Using the editor Text/HTML mode, enter the following replacing ‘keyword#’ with your keywords.

<!-- // keyword1, keyword2, keyword3, keyword4 // -->

Our search tool will find those words within your business member page. Avoid very short words and choose specific words that represent your product or service. Please keep the list between six to twelve words.

Keywords that appear naturally on your webpage are the best as shoppers land on your page, they will see the keyword in context and know whether they are in the right place or not.

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