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– Send a message to a business member:

  • Info Banner
    • Your avatar (profile picture) could be your logo if you are a business member.
    • Shows the number of unread messages and announcements and how many stored messages out of a maximum of 50 you have.
  • Message Box
    • When you select Messages from the main navigation menu, you are taken to your Message Box where any messages to you are stored. You can have up to 50 messages stored here.
  • Settings
    • Set your preferences: allow others to send me messages, email me when I get new messages and email me when a new announcement is published – all are on by default.
    • You can keep a list of blocked users here as well.
  • Announcement
    • Site-wide (everyone) or group-wide (to all businesses or shoppers) messages are stored here.
  • Directory
    • A list of all business members that can be contacted accompanied by their avatars (profile picture).
  • New Message
    • Simple email-style send-message box; To, Subject, Message, and a Send Message button.
    • The ‘To’ field has an auto-complete feature so you don’t have to type out the entire recipient’s name.

TIP: Never send credit card, banking info, or other sensitive/confidential information over email/messaging.

The function of this message service is to allow shoppers to contact a business member inquiring about the business, service, or product and for the business member to reply to the shoppers’ messages. No unsolicited messages are allowed to the shoppers. Businesses that are genuinely inquiring about a service/product of another business member are allowed as that makes them a shopper for that instance. Violation of these rules could result in being placed in a moderation queue (everything needed to be approved by admin before proceeding) or an outright ban from the site.

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