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Note: This is the Shopper post submission form, all posts are published, please make sure to follow the Content Policy (open in a new tab/window) guidelines.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Please only positive posts here as we are all about what makes Thunder Bay the place to shop.
  2. The information provided is from the source/author, please do not copy someone else post from somewhere else.
  3. No shills, please make it clear if posting as a customer or the business employee/representative/ owner.
  4. No spam, you can post about a business new menu item or product line/service, however, don’t make it a sales pitch. No pricing, discounts, coupons, or any other sales incentives (encourage the business to set up a free business member page instead).
  5. Only one post for each topic, if the topic is similar to another, please use the comments.
  6. The post is about is locally owned and operated in the Thunder Bay area and is not part of a chain or franchise or subsidiary of a company outside of Thunder Bay. ex: a franchise store could qualify if the parent company is owned and operated from and in Thunder Bay.
  7. The business the post is about can not be β€˜adults-only’ entertainment and/or provide β€˜adults-only’ products/services. ex: licensed establishments/venues (restaurants) that serve alcohol are allowed, however, places that sell sexually explicit products/services, and smoking (vaping/tobacco/cannabis) products are not.